Tteokbokki is the perfect dish for entertaining, and for expressing love to my community

There’s really only one thing I want to happen at a party: that moment. The moment where everyone gathers around the food, admires it, and then digs in. There are plenty of dishes that have that show-stopping appeal that makes everyone in the room stop in their tracks, but one of my favorite party platters lately is a Korean dish called tteokbokki (떡볶이).

I had seen the word before, usually translated unceremoniously as “spicy rice cakes” in Korean restaurant menus. But, I had never actually ordered or even seen the dish until recently. “Spicy rice cakes” is an accurate description…

Hulk, the massive muscular green hunk of a thing, sits lazily in a hot tub as steam rises around him. He is sitting, half in the shadow with his breasts catching the light as Thor looks on. He stands up to reveal the full image: an almost embarrassingly hot, gigantic green man fully nude.

Hulk is a monster no doubt, violent and prone to uncontrollable bouts of rage. He is a superhero, but one that is to be aimed like a weapon rather than explored as a character. The new MCU has cast Bruce Banner has a featured extra in…

Working through mental illness with smells of garlic and onion.

Daly City, CA.

My mother, my father, and my lola-mamung took turns cooking elaborate meals for the family for nearly 10 years straight. Every week, the majority of my 12 paternal uncles and aunts and anyone tangentially related to them would congregate at our little suburban box in Daly City. Even though that house on that hill seemed to be perpetually shrouded in a sharp mist that made everything feel damp and cold, my memories of this time are endlessly warm.

Later, I learned that my idyllic memories of our large family parties, games, potlucks, and karaoke were actually underpinned by the political…

Vera Blossom

Writer & artist with a lot of shit to say. A Virgo striving for glamour.

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